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Tom Becka has been recognized as one of the top radio talk show hosts in the country by various trade and political publications.  His frustration with how the far left and far right have hijacked the system has led him to speak out on behalf of the “Mad Middle”  He  has coined the phrase ” The Mad Middle” to describe his view on politics.

Becka expresses his disappointment in how things are going in government. ” The politicians spend all their time on issues like gay marriage or steroids in baseball when the country is going broke.  We are in a war we can’t pay for, gas prices are rising, unemployment is high, and all congress can do is worry about something Rush Limbaugh might have said.  The republicans and democrats need to stop their posturing and fighting and solve these problems.”

Tom Becka’s career path has taken him down some varied roads.  As well as being a radio talk show host ( and now blogger and podcaster) Tom has spent a number of years on the road as a stand up comedian opening for acts like Jerry Seinfeld, Lewis Black, Drew Carey, Sam Kinnison, Darryl Hammond, the band Chicago, and many more.  He was also in sales and is the author of the book ” There’s No Business Without the Show.”    


( Author’s note…  Tom Becka wrote this bio about himself but for some reason decided to write it in the third person.  Tom Becka never refers to himself in the third person.)

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